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We talk about more soft news on Elio Please check out our Facebook Groups: Sondors Motors Club of America Tesla Motors Modders Club ... Sebuah program acara berita buatan mahasiswa/i STIKOM InterStudi

Need help becoming profitable? Watch this interview, where Jarratt reveals THE EDGE, which got him #2 ranking:

In this video I will explain what Forex News Trading Software I am using to stay up-to-date with the market.

Many people associate news trading with some high intensity black box magical system, however you’ll be pleased to know that all I do is tune into the market, by focusing on what the central banks are saying and how those economic indicators are going to affect what the central banks are doing.

So I don’t use any special software that tells me what the markets are doing, however I do use premium news feeds- I use a service called Ransquawk which delivers all the data instantly and extra analysis on top which helps me stay in tune with what’s happening at the time.

Apart from that, there’s no special software, trading the news is very simple and I think anyone can do it.


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Salve a tutti ragazzi! Mancano pochissimi giorni all’E3, alcuni trailer e annunci stanno già cominciando a comparire, ma i veri protagonisti sono i rumor, incessanti e parecchio curiosi!

Le news di cui parleremo sono:

– Uscita di Tekken 7, Friday The 13th: The Game e Dungeon Crawler Rezrog
– PlayStation Plus: confermati Life is Strange e Killing Floor 2
– Monster Hunter 5: sarà un’esclusiva per PlayStation 4?
– Kingdom Come Deliverance: nuovo trailer
– Far Cry 5: nasce una petizione per chiederne la cancellazione
– Annunciato Extinction
– La Terra di Mezzo: l’Ombra della Guerra rimandato
– Annunciato Need For Speed Payback
– Nintendo Switch: nuovi dettagli sul servizio online
– Nuova IP di From Software all’E3?

Outro: Beat Producer M.Liar


(Get a 30 day FREE trial of SNW elite here ) Just came across this software today and wanted to do a quick overview for those that havent heard of it yet. Check it out. Start testing. More details can be found at my news trading blog. (


Bangalore-based software company Ezetap has developed a platform that makes it easy to pay anywhere with any device you like.
It has created software allowing a merchant with a smartphone to accept any type of payment and see that money moved seamlessly into their own bank account.
Camera: Jaltson Akkanath Chummar. Producers: Aaamir Peerzada, Adrienne Murray. Editor: Sara Hegarty.

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Tutorial on how to set up the SnapComms Desktop News Ticker for multiple headlines.

Communicate multiple news stories and updates to employees in scrolling ticker format with SnapComms newsfeed tool.

To read more about SnapComms Scrolling Tickers visit

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About SnapComms

SnapComms helps organisations get employee attention by offering a range of integrated tools that bypass email helping them communicate more effectively with their employees. Their versatile software is used by communications, IT, HR, security, compliance and other business functions across multiple industries worldwide.

SnapComms was established in 2007. Its global customers (including Fortune 500 companies) and resellers are spread across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and South America. SnapComms has headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, offices in the United States and United Kingdom and a data center in Toronto, Canada.

The product suite includes:

– Desktop (and mobile) Alert messaging for urgent employee communications

– Scrolling messages delivered to the desktop with links to further information and fuller message windows

– Interactive digital signage and messaging delivered to screensavers

– Desktop and mobile gamification

– Desktop and mobile surveys.

All messaging formats can be targeted to specific employee groups and roles with full reporting and measurability.

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Great news for PS3 users. If you have a jailbreakable PS3 (CECH-25xx December 2010 and lower), you can now install CFW 4.82 from OFW 4.82 by taking your PS3 to a special website and run the software downgrade through the PS3 web browser.

I have not personally tried this yet, but I know on reddit there are users who can confirm this works. If you have a PS3 and you are ready to try this, leave a comment and let us know how it works!

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